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Joel Searby Joins the Campaign

I am very happy to announce that Joel Searby, the campaign manager for Evan McMullin's 2016 independent presidential bid, has joined our campaign as a senior advisor.

The following is a statement from Joel:

"Eric Eliason is exactly the kind of public servant we need in America right now. He is in this for all the right reasons and advancing all the right principles that can bring us together instead of tear us apart. I’m honored to be joining Eric’s team and know that he is going to run a professional, competitive, credible race. In fact, I have found Eric to be the most credible and serious congressional candidate in the country who is not from one of the major parties. We must break free from the unnecessary chains of partisan warfare. We must chart a new path forward in American politics. Eric’s campaign, and his ultimate victory, is a key step on that path."

I'm excited to have Joel on the team, and I'm looking forward to continuing to earn Utah's trust in the coming months.