For more on my policy making approach, see Principles.

Health Care

It is time for the two parties to stop fighting over how to pay for an inefficient, costly health care system and instead find ways to reduce the crippling cost of health care for families and businesses. Before and after the passage of the Affordable Care Act, US health costs were--and continue to be--the highest in the world.  We need to enact reform that will incentivize wellness instead of incentivizing more procedures. We also need to use innovation, harness the private sector, and increase transparency so that people know what they are paying for and how much they are paying. We should reform the Affordable Care Act to meet these objectives.

Fiscal Accountabilty

I, like all Americans, love a tax break.  When tax breaks are followed by increased spending, I get concerned.  As anyone who runs a household knows, we cannot lower our income and spend more.  When we do, we saddle future generations with debt they don’t deserve and didn’t ask for. It’s time to be honest with the American people, and make the hard decisions. We should also listen to federal employees who see waste in the system and identify more efficient ways of performing their jobs. State governments, including Utah’s, regularly balance their budgets.  We must expect Congress to do the same.


America has been presented a false choice between building walls or allowing ourselves to be overrun by those who threaten our safety and reject our values. The truth is that the vast majority of our immigrants are upstanding members of society who are making their own unique contribution to our nation. Our economy and our social fabric is made stronger by those who embrace our ideals and contribute to our economy in important ways. We must work together to craft a sensible immigration policy that recognizes these truths, that allow families to stay together, and that ensure our borders remain secure.

Hill Air Force Base

I am proud to have Hill Air Force Base in the First District. The base is a key element of our national defense both in its mission and the quality of its military, civilian and contracted personnel and we must sustain and promote the level of support the base deserves. I am embarrassed by some of the antiquated facilities that we ask these personnel to work in and feel we can do better as a country at providing facilities on par with places outside of the base.

Second Amendment and Gun Safety

We are blessed to live in a country where citizens have the right to purchase and use firearms for recreation and self-defense. With that right comes the responsibility to ensure that this blessing does not become a curse. Gun enthusiasts are valuable in their experience, wisdom and insight to this crucial national conversation and I have appreciated their input in creating this platform. I support restricting gun sales to the mentally ill, closing the loopholes that allow internet sales to almost anyone, an immediate ban on the sale of bump stocks, and restrictions on assault rifles sales to those under 21. I believe that effective barriers to access guns irresponsibly is our best method for protecting the Second Amendment.

Public Lands

Utah’s public lands are a treasure, not a battleground for partisan politics, each time with the exclusion of invested interests. In talking to concerned parties, I have found there is more common ground than many would lead us to believe. Certainly, some public lands are suited for natural resource extraction. But we must preserve Utah’s historical culture, breathtaking vistas, and unique, world-class landscapes for ourselves and future generations. These are among our planet’s greatest treasures. 

Economic Growth

Northern Utah and the Uintah Basin are best served through broad and sustainable economic growth.  Prosperity is created through innovation, risk taking, disruptive technologies, and open and accessible markets.  I will work to promote policies that allow these growth factors to thrive and flourish and position Utah towards meeting future market demands. A free market is part of sustained economic growth; free and fair trade has been a boon to the US economy.