Health Care: Reducing Costs and Improving Results

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Healthcare prices are crippling the budgets of both individuals and businesses. If we build a healthcare system that is more affordable and effective, the middle class will be less burdened, and our nation will be able to provide health care for those in need.

Right now, there are virtually zero economic incentives for healthcare providers to keep costs down. In order to ensure long-term healthcare access for all, I will support reforms to our healthcare system which:

  • incentive wellness rather than procedures
  • harness the innovative power of the private sector
  • utilize the power of the free market to keep costs down
  • increase transparency so we know what we are getting, and how much we're paying for it.

We do not necessarily need to repeal the Affordable Care Act in order to achieve these ends. 

Both building a health care system that gives better care at a lower price is and ensuring access for all is possible, and would be one of my highest priorities in office. Many countries around the world manage to do it. There is no reason we could not.